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About South End

SENA (South End Neighborhood Association) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building community by serving the residents, businesses, and friends of the South End neighborhood of Charlotte, NC.

Past. In 2007, SENA was started informally by a single resident who saw a need to facilitate communication between the city and the small, but growing, residential community in the industrial area of South End. He established the first informal "Board" of Residents to increase residential awareness of and participation in civic issues, calling the group "Historic South End Neighborhood Association," or "HSENA." Once the light rail was completed and additional residential units came online, he transitioned leadership. The group focused on social events and creating fun opportunities for the growing residential population - usually through Happy Hours or volunteer events.

Present. In 2010, the landscape of the South End was shifting to a mixed use residential area. With almost 3,000 residential units in the neighborhood, the need for a group to steward both the social and civic aspects of residency was apparent. In response, a small group of residents began the process of incorporation to enable the group to grow and speak with a legitimate voice.

Future. Looking to the future, our goal is to build a community that is recognized for its creativity, energy, and passion on local, national and international levels. The South End Neighborhood Association will unite businesses and neighbors in creating a community where people work, walk, talk and play together.

Today, we are working to achieve that goal in 3 ways:

  • Facilitating relationships and community by providing social opportunities and communicating community and local-business events to residents in the South End
  • Creating a central communication hub that unites residents, highlights local flavor and builds a sense of commonality across a long, narrow geography
  • Advocating for residential concerns on the city and civic level to improve residential life in the South End

For more information, or to get involved in the work SENA is doing in the community, please contact us via e-mail: vicepresident@southendneighborhood.com.

If you work or live in South End, please register as a member to stay informed via 1-2 monthly emails with neighborhood news and social event calendars.